We understand that at this particularly difficult and worrying time your employer may have had to terminate your employment and has asked you to sign a document called a Settlement Agreement. This document will set out the terms of your dismissal and the amount of money you will receive.

We specialise in Settlement Agreements.  Our professional team has tremendous expertise in respect of all the standard clauses, and we can quickly identify anything contentious.

We will talk you through the proposed settlement and help you understand it. We assess whether it’s a good deal; and if not, suggest what to do about it.  Please note that in most cases the smount of money offered by your employer as a contribution to our fees is enough to cover our invoice.

At present, we are unable to offer face to face appointments and to ensure the safety of our staff and clients our services are offered remotely via telephone, email or video conferencing ( Zoom,WhatsApp).

If you would like our help please contact Andrew Wand on  01708 759245  or email aw@capstick-dale.com