When young fit and healthy, we may not consider a future of mental incapacity. But what if we were injured by accident, or suffered an illness, and so couldn’t make timely important decisions?

Such decisions can vary widely: from routinely “paying your bills”, to going into a care home, even life and death decisions such as whether to resuscitate. Wouldn’t you like to influence what happens should you ever “lack mental capacity” to decide yourself?

By default, the Court of Protection will decide on your behalf. This specialist court protects those who lack capacity to make specific decisions; it makes decisions for them, or appoints deputies to do so.

These decisions may be completely against your own previous wishes, and/or those of your family, if you have not made preparations. The court simply does what it thinks is best. We can act on such Court of Protection Issues should they arise, e.g. representing your family as they fight for a particular outcome.

But clearly, it is better to pre-empt this. The answer is Lasting Power of Attorney, where you nominate one or more people to help you make decisions, or make decisions on your behalf. These people are called Attorneys (often friends or family, but don’t have to be).

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which Capstick Dale can draft for you. We can cover Health & Welfare, or Property & Financial Affairs, or of course both. Don’t leave your future to chance, trust Capstick Dale with your LPA.

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