Thinking of selling your business, or perhaps buying a business which is already trading? Maybe you would like to start one from scratch? Unlike many legal firms, we look to understand the business proposition – before we launch into the legal.

One size doesn’t fit all. Most companies have built their success upon very specific business positioning. Unless a solicitor has the proper and necessary understanding of what’s important to the business, how can they hope to work in your best interests?

Capstick Dale act in all types of business transfer:

Company Acquisitions and Mergers, Management Buy-Outs.

Sales of Going Concerns, Shareholder Exit Strategies, Business Disposals.

Ownership issues with Private Equity / Venture Capital involvement.

Franchise and Agency, Partnership, and Distribution agreements.

Business Start-Up advice.

When selling a business (or part of it), you obviously seek the best possible price; but your other interests? Perhaps you want to remove guarantees at the bank; to stay in office for a period of years, or leave immediately; or is the buyer imposing restrictive covenants upon you? We check all aspects of the proposed deal, and advise accordingly.

Arguably, take even more care, buying into a business. Due Diligence is the watchword, to ensure you are buying Real Assets and not real problems. Otherwise, you can find the true value of the company was not where you thought – and has mysteriously stayed with the seller. Capstick Dale will help identify exactly what to specify in the contract, and draft it appropriately.

If you  are buying or selling a business and need specialist legal advice, call us today!  

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