Every commercial property transaction (be it a lease, sale or purchase) involves navigating a mountain of complex legal documentation and legislation.

With all this legal detail to be dealt with, it is hardly surprising that so many transactions hit problems, or stretch out interminably. So, when looking to deal in commercial property, find a solicitor who doesn’t make a drama out of a crisis – or you may well regret it.

Step in Capstick Dale. Our clear no-nonsense approach ‘reaches the parts other solicitors can’t reach’. We work through each step in pragmatic fashion, keeping you informed on progress, and raising only genuine problems should they arise. Our thorough and professional methods ensure that your development, sale, purchase, rental or re-mortgage is always dealt with efficiently; and our experience means that nothing frightens us – we’ve seen it and fixed it all before.

Although leases are perhaps most common, we handle all aspects of commercial property:

  • Acting for Landlords or Tenants of leased premises; including offices, warehousing, industrial, retail and licensed premises (e.g. pubs, clubs, betting shops, eateries).
  • Change of Terms, as well as renewals, rent reviews, surrenders, dilapidations, alterations, variations and consents.
  • Contracts of Sale or Purchase for all commercial property sectors, including how best to structure and finance the deal at minimum risk.
  • Land Development and New Build estates (residential / commercial / industrial), also Industrial Estate Management.

Whatever your interests in Commercial Property, here at Capstick Dale we understand that your time is precious. When you have made a decision on property, you want that decision carried through smoothly and safely – so that you can get on with running your business. We have the expertise and understanding to deal with all commercial property matters, you can rely upon us to handle it.