Legal disputes are very costly for businesses, they are stressful and consume a lot of management time that would be better spent on the business. Your business needs get advice as early as possible to understand the nature of the leal problem and the most commercial way to solve it.

Good early advice is proven to be the best way to achieve the best outcome and be cost effective. We take care to fully understand the dispute before discussing how best to respond and your chances of success. We explain possible strategies and outcomes, and how they could affect your business.

We explain every step to you, with appropriate advice for your consideration. Then we discuss your instructions on how to proceed. If letters aren’t enough, we can assist with Arbitration or Litigation if necessary.

We can act for your business on:

• Professional Negligence, and problems with Service Providers.

• Commercial contract disputes

• Director and Partnership disputes

• Intellectual property disputes

• Image protection

• Leasehold disputes

• Money Claims including Mediation Advice and Small Claims Court.

We take time to advise on all appropriate options at every stage, and help guide you towards the best possible outcome. 

If your business needs specialist advice in resolving any disputes contact us today!

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