Many businesses find employment law is the most fraught area of their operation; and year-on-year, the situation seems to become ever more complicated.

  • Contracts of Employment exist as soon as you “take someone on” – even if there is nothing in writing. Need help getting this right?
  • Organisations have Statutory Obligations to their employees; are you sure yours are fulfilled, or might you be laying yourself open to redress?
  • Are Senior Employees on appropriate contracts to reflect their importance to your business, with suitable covenants regarding confidentiality, customers and so on?
  • Does your Staff Handbook stand up to scrutiny, or is it a troublemaker’s charter?
  • Other problems including Tribunals, Grievances and Discipline, Discrimination?

If you need help with employment matters, then Capstick Dale offer pragmatic advice on everything from Selection Policies to dismissal. We are experts on staff contracts, so that you don’t have to be – including senior managers, junior staff, consultants or subcontractors, and even Directors Service Agreements.

We also act on Settlement Agreements (formerly “compromise agreements”), or indeed any Employment Disputes and Tribunal Proceedings.