We all rely on IT. But keeping pace with legal consequences… do you think it’s a minefield, cross your fingers, and look away?

We use the expertise across all of our business law team to provide our clients with a complete legal IT service. Whatever your requirements or issues we have a lawyer who can help your business.

Taking advice from us can save you lots of time and trouble; we cover all areas of Information Technology, including:

  • New or upgraded IT Systems: does the contract include all you expect?
  • Maintenance Contracts & Disaster Recovery: does it provide the cover you need?
  • Staff Policies: have you protected your business from IT misuse?
  • Your Website: does it show ownership details, T&Cs, privacy policy etc?
  • Data Protection Act: is your registration up-to-date with the ICO?

Unsure on any of the above? Ask us for our  practical advice; it won’t cost a fortune – but may certainly save you one. Contact us today!

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