At one time or another, insolvency affects us all; it is bad enough when dealing with another company which becomes insolvent, but even worse if the company is your own.

The law places increasing emphasis on the duties of Company Directors, who can now be held personally liable for debts in certain circumstances; added to this are stringent penalties for trading whilst insolvent – so getting timely and appropriate advice is critical.

We can act for any side in matters of insolvency and debt recovery – shareholders, directors, debtors and creditors, insolvency practitioners. 

Timing is always vital in cases of potential insolvency; the outcome often depends on acting fast, before other parties beat you to it. We can help with:

  • Action on trading matters (e.g. for debtors, creditors, administrators or liquidators).
  • Outstanding debt recovery; progressing to compulsory winding-up if necessary.
  • Defending statutory demands, winding-up petitions, and the like.
  • Advising on rescue plans and business restructuring (either solvent or insolvent), in conjunction with accountants and/or insolvency practitioners.
  • Defending the disqualification of directors.

Talk to us NOW – don’t just wait, and hope for the best.

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