IP is a major asset for many companies – but it isn’t always properly protected. You may think that everything you create is “yours”; but what would you do if someone copied it?

Unless you take the right steps to protect your Intellectual Property, you could face a long battle to regain control. From logos and slogans, to research information and product design, your valuable IP could be under threat. We use the expertise across all of our business law team to provide our clients with a complete legal IP service. Whatever your requirements or issues we have a lawyer who can help your business. 

Taking advice from us can save you lots of time and trouble; we cover all areas of Intellectual Property, including:

  • trademarks
  • registration
  • patent protection,
  • enforcing copyright,
  • licensing agreements
  • IP disputes
  • IP agreements

Contact us for  practical and commercial  legal advice; it won’t cost a fortune – but may certainly save you one.!

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