Facing difficulties at work is stressful, especially when you feel you have no-one on your side.

Capstick Dale offer supportive advice on all employment issues, including:

  • Contracts of Employment and Restrictive Covenants, should you need them explained, or even challenged.
  • Grievance Procedures and Disciplinary Matters, if you have to justify or defend your actions, or want representation at a tribunal.
  • Unfair Dismissal; and Constructive Dismissal, when you are forced to leave your job against your will, due to your employer’s conduct.
  • Discrimination of any kind, and involuntary Deductions from Wages.
  • Severance and Redundancy Packages.

For many issues in employment law, time is of the essence. Prompt, accurate legal advice is essential to establishing a solid case.

Contact us now, for cost-effective help, advice and representation.

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