When a long-standing relationship breaks down, it leaves much to resolve at a time when emotions may be running high. We offer sensitivity and understanding with a professional, dedicated and efficient service; avoiding conflict and confrontation, we work for your best possible settlement.

  • Divorce and Separation: whether or not you were married, you may have claim on joint assets such as property. Capstick Dale offer sound legal advice towards formal separation.
  • Money Matters and Maintenance: both parties ‘need money to live’ after separation and there may be children to look after. Negotiation and agreement is always our preferred route for resolution.
  • Children: can suffer in difficult break-ups, so we actively try to minimise dispute. We seek mediated agreements; on contact rights, parental responsibility, where children will live, and local authority involvement. We can also make cost-effective application to court.
  • Injunctions: may be required following harassment from current or past partners; Capstick Dale can certainly advise on this, and in appropriate cases apply to court on your behalf.

At such sensitive times, the assistance of an experienced family solicitor will help see you through; let Capstick Dale help YOU reach settlement following a break-up.